Well winter has ended and this never ending cycle of early spring has begun. The weather is still chilly and it is WINDY as all get out. I am ready for the warmer days of spring that make me want to be outside playing in the dirt. Although I do know that the wind and the chill are keeping the season we Mainers refer to as "black fly season" at bay.

Running and I have forged a relationship and I have 2 of my 8 5ks under my belt with my third one coming up this Saturday. I have come to the conclusion that we will be slow friends and my 5k times will never be something to write home about. But I am doing them, I am finishing them and I am proud of them!

Ella and I went and toured her school last week and later that night as she gave me a great big hug and said "Mom can you tell me what was your favorite thing about my school?" I knew with a heavy heart she is more then ready for it. So starting in September I will be dropping my little grown baby off two mornings a week for a few hours so she can become even smarter than I ever thought possible.

Derrick and I have been pretty busy working on various things. Derrick has started the seeds for bell peppers, hot peppers, lettuce, tomatoes and something else in the house and built the raised beds for outdoor planting when the weather warms up. We have been scrounging wood like crazy off the side of the road and off my parent's land to store for the next winter and we have both been in "training". Derricks has his Tough Mudder run coming up in 2 weeks, which I will be sure to post a picture blog of. And I have 8 more runs, including 2 10ks on my calendar for the summer.

Pair that with the raising of an independent 2 year old, a house to take care of, 6 weddings, 2 baby showers, 3 bridal showers, a class reunion, a country music concert, a canoe trip, the Brown Family Camp Out (BFCO), a Misfits meeting (or two!) and all the other summer activities (including a 2.5 day a week job for me!) and we are one little busy beaver of a family!