Hurricane Irene did not bring much action to Maine over the weekend. It was fizzled down to a pretty minor tropical storm by the time it reached us. I was disappointed that we did not see more winds and rain. I was sort of looking forward to actually having some excitement and we were hoping to lose a couple trees while we were at it!

While the storm did nothing but prevent us from being outside and losing power for 12 hours (My parents fared worse they lost a bunch of trees and had the lines ripped from their house so they are in the dark for a week at the least....). It left a lot of time to think and reflect. And yesterday I came to this conclusion:

I have THE MOST beautiful, witty, smart, creative little girl on the face of this planet. She is hilarious to be around, always brings a smirk to my face (even when she is being a bit sassy) and is just absolutely GORGEOUS! There is no one on Earth that even comes close to matching her.

Then it hit me. While I think these things of my daughter my opinion is not shared by all. They think they have the best kid out there. And you know what? They do! We all do. The act of being biased to our children is the best gift that we can give them. By thinking that our children are better than all and can accomplish whatever they set their little minds to, we are setting them up with one of the most important concepts to finagle their way through this obstacle filled world. We are giving them a perpetual cheerleader that has unconditional confidence in them and their abilities. It gives them a boost up, a feeling of worth and meaning.

So do I have the most amazing 2 year old? Absolutely!! Can she do anything, heck ya! She is the best thing ever to appear in this world and for the rest of my life I will be cheering as loud as I can for her. She will do amazing things, of this I am sure! For now though she can entertain like no other. With her big beautiful eyes, crooked smile and endless out of no where chatter she is just PERFECT!!!

So to all you moms out there. No need to hold back. Let the world know who you are cheering for and how awesome they are and that yep in fact they are better than anyone else's kids. Feed them that support that they need in order to believe that yes I can do this, I can make my dreams come true. I will not fail and mom will always be right there beside me waving her pompoms!!!


wishy washy...

OK time for some hardcore truth that I am not all too proud of. It is getting closer and closer to arrival time for the baby. Well not THAT close, but close enough to realize that I am over half way there and it IS going to happen in the near future.

Now we chose not to know the sex of this baby. By we I mean I. I just really wanted something different this time around. So far other than the sickness being a little more extreme and the movement a little more felt everything is exactly the same. I am carrying the same, I feel the same, and if it wasn't for longer hair I would look the same.

There is an envelope in my house that will tell me the sex. Everyone around me wants to know. I am the only one preventing anyone from knowing but I just want this to be a surprise I really do.

As I lay awake the last few nights, since sleep is something that has left my life, I just can't help but think I may be making a mistake. Well not a mistake, but am I making the best choice? It is not like I have a preference as to what this baby is, boy or girl, it doesn't matter it will be loved endlessly. But I am afraid to admit I am going to need time to get used to the idea of it being one and not the other. Should I prepare myself now? Will it be ok to find out when I hold the baby? Preparing myself wont take away from that moment will it? Will I feel disappointment if it is one and not the other? I am so so so trying to wrap my head around all of this. And then there is Ella to think of. Is it better to know so we can say she is having a brother or a sister so she can get familiar with it?

Oh boy what your brain comes up with in the wee hours of the night as the rain comes pouring down and Irene makes her way closer and closer... Although now its just a tropical storm for us! YAY and also BOOOOO, I was hoping for some safe storm watching action!!!


Oh Irene!!!!!!!!!!

Ok so you know how you always have a list of NEVER EVER EVER will I name my kid that names? Well mine happens to be pretty long long long list considering I have worked with children for the last 11 years. Some names on the list stem from kids I had in rec (in fact one of the boy names I LOVED was thrown out the window because of ONE rec kid...). Some come from the preschool program through out college (ummm this program however, also gave me a name that I LOVE and also love the kid it went with so we may probably use this name for a boy!) and some or most are from the 5 years of being in the school district.

However, I can now add Irene to the list based solely on the fact that Hurricane Irene is ruining my life! Well maybe not my life but most definitely my weekend. All summer I mean ALL summer I have been looking forward to getting me some Kenny glimpses and a little Zac Brown and Billy wouldn't have hurt either. I purchased the most adorable little (I mean LITTLE) jean skirt off a friend. (Thank goodness she has great taste and just had her baby so her maternity clothes were up for grabs). I planned my hair style complete with a cowboy hat and was in search of the perfect boots (can a girl ever have enough boots?!).

All for nothing! NOTHING! Stupid Irene has ruined it all. Sundays show was canceled and moved to Friday. Ummm hello, Friday does NOT work for me. No sitter, not to mention my husband has to work and I am throwing a baby shower for my sister Saturday so I have to be up and at em at the crack of dawn to set up and do last minute things! UGH way to ruin a girls life Irene, just for that I will NEVER EVER EVER name my offspring in your honor. Not that I am too keen on the name Irene anyway but not its def on "the LIST".


open the floodgates!!!!!!!

Oh boy my baby is growing up! When did she get so big? So smart? So helpful? We got a letter in the mail today from her teacher. My little princess pie starts school just 2 weeks from today!!! Am I ready for this? Hell to the NO. Is she ready for this? Probably way more than I am!

In two weeks I will be dropping my little girl off to learn even more and become even smarter. What am I going to do with my Tuesday and Thursday mornings? I know the first month of them I will probably just come home and cry and count the minutes until I can pick her up. Then I will develop a routine of errands, gym and cleaning only to have it disrupted when Thing 2 arrives. Then I will have to juggle baby and getting princess pie to school....

Ella is more than grown up enough to handle this new part of her weekly schedule. After all she is waking up in the morning, brushing her own hair, putting her clothes on and doing her teeth all by herself. The little wonder even started doing laundry for me! I now have my very own Laundry Fairy! (click on Laundry Fairy to see the video!) Last night D came into the room and asked if I asked L to do laundry. Ummm no I did not. When I went to investigate I found her humming and doing laundry all by herself!

Not only is she doing laundry she is making lists as well of things we need to do and buy for the baby. Seriously with no encouragement she sat at her desk last night, pulled out some paper and a marker and got to work. Last nights list included buy the baby an Ergo, (which was then crossed off because she decided the baby could just use hers and she would walk) a car seat (that needs to be installed next to hers and Ranger's blanket will just have to be moved, since the baby needs that seat more than the dog) and bottles so she could help feed it.

My baby is growing up so quickly! She is turning into a responsible and respectful little lady and I couldn't be happier but that doesn't stop the tears from streaming down when I think about her getting so big!


PS Today she informed me that she was not Ella but she was Doctor Ella and that I needed to come in for my appointment and to hold lunch cause she was too busy taking care of people to eat right now.... Really!?! I am constantly amazed with her thought process!

beautiful weather!

Last night it poured and poured and poured some more. I lay in bed watching the streams of water running down the window and listening to the pitter patter of it on the roof and air conditioner. Nights like these I love, I love being there next to my best friend in the dark while the whole house is asleep for the night. The contentment just settles right in and rests me and sleep is not even needed (although I could have done without the 12 trips to the bathroom).

When the rain came to an end the day dawned, bright beautiful and breezy. It is literally a perfect late summer day. Where being outside is enjoyable and craved. L and I took advantage of the weather and agreed to meet some great friends (who we hadn't seen in 4 months!) at a local pond to explore the trails around it. The woods were damp and cool and just plain awesome to be walking through. Ella asked to ride in the Ergo and well I can never resist that little imp so I let her hope on. We took the short walk to the other side and climbed up the hill. On the top we were met with a pretty impressive sight of the pond and a feeling of standing on the top of the world.

The girls stopped and got into exploring after a little snack of trail mix and water. They busily gathered sticks, pine needles, pine cones, acorns, leaves and any other piece of natural item that Mother Nature already discarded to build themselves their own fairy house. The mom's sat there and talked and caught up listening to the girls just interact and truly enjoy each other's company. I got to snuggle Mr. Handsome himself, a 4 month old ball of smiles and pure cuteness, and soak up all the sun.

Towards the end of our rest L fell and reopened her Saturday knee wound. The wound is pretty weepy and bloody and instead of going to have lunch she wanted to just go home. I am hoping the knee heals quickly and leaves no scar (although I have a scar from a knee injury in the exact same place).

I can't wait for our next big adventure with Crystal, Molly and Grady. And I hope this weather sticks around for a few weeks!

Live Laugh SUNSHINE!

Road Trippin'

Friday mid morning we started off. The car loaded down (well not really just 3 bags), the snacks and the water handy and our bladders empty. We were making our way through the winding roads and mountains of NH and VT straight into NY for our 5th wedding celebration of the summer.

The trip started off great. But there was a point there in the middle where I admit my preggo grouchies took over. We were behind Hill Billy Joe traveling on route 9, no way to pass, cars backed up and uncomfortableness (which is probably not a word but well I am using it!) settling in. I admit I snapped at my forever understanding husband and refused to talk for a bit. At one point he commented that our two year old daughter travels better than her mother. Which yes, she definitely did better than me at this point. That girl took a 4 and half hour trip with the ease of a well traveled veteran. She never asked for a potty break, she never complained, whined, or asked to get out of her car seat. She spent her time drawing and reading and looking forward to crossing bridges.

Once we got to NY I realized that going through VT was the best way (I admitted this today on the way home to D because yes he was right and I was wrong...shhhh). The arrival to the big ole city of Albany (which to L is a HUGE city) brought on a ton of excitement. I mean the most fun a little girl could ever ever have. She was awed by the buildings and the traffic and by the "elegator" rides. She took to the difference in lifestyle like a fish to the water and I am pretty sure we are going to lose her one day to the city and she will be my own little city fashionista.

Friday night was a great night to catch up with family and start the wedding weekend. We dined and some of us drank (Ella and I had Shirley Temples, which of course was a HUGE hit with both her and little sprout). We retired early after a swim in the pool and a late night snack delivered by room service. That alone caused Ella quite joy, to get to eat "machoes" with Daddy that the man brought all the way to our room.

Saturday dawned cloudy and gray but dry. We headed out to breakfast where our little princess pie sustained her first ever blood injury when a sidewalk fall skinned both her knees. To her the day was over, she couldn't walk or even eat. The well anticipated wedding dancing in her mind was over, she fell and it was the end of the world. We laid low, skipped some of the festivities and took a swim and then a nap before catching the shuttle.

By the time the shuttle rolled in, our Ella was back and the excitement was pure joy to my heart. Ever feel sometimes you are so in love that you could cry? Yep looking at her little face turned up with wonder and her little voice high and squeaky with excitement as she narrated her experience to us was just pure heaven.

The wedding site was just beautiful situated on the bank of a lake on a bed of green green grass. The vows were perfect for the couple and the reception site just up the hill was simple elegance. We dined on lobster ravioli (Ella got a kick out of the server who had hidden pizza "just" for her) and salad after a sea of passed hors d'oeuvre. It was at this time that the I mean THE most anticipated part of the weekend started.

Ella had been talking about wedding dancing since last month when Derrick and I attended another wedding. When we dropped her off at my parents she asked where we were going. When I replied to a wedding she responded with "will there be dancing?" Ummm yes. "Will you dance with Daddy?" Ummm yep. "Well you know I love wedding dancing too!!! (with a slap to her leg a little disgusted she wasn't invited) I promised her I would take her to a wedding that there would be lots of dancing at and this weekend was THE WEEKEND!

She was a conga starting, booty shaking, getting down Diva! She danced and danced and danced some more. She out danced me and even refused an ice cream sundae to stay on the dance floor! When the little dancer was about to drop and my round ligament pain had me nearly doubled over we caught the shuttle back to the hotel. There we were surprised to see the fire trucks out front and the firemen going in to the hotel. My nephew was BESIDE himself. And demanded to know why they were there. Upon investigation we learned they were there to rescue 11 people out of a stuck elevator. This set his little 4 year old eyes ablaze with excitement which then transferred over to my little 2 year old and the two of them together were beyond calm downable! My nephew calls what happened his "very first rescue" (watching made him part of the crew!) and Ella keeps talking about "The floor to the elegator was gone, it wasn't there. I thought it was there but then it was not there. The men had to go down down down down and and and" and she flusters cause there is so much excitement and can't finish!

We set back out today for the trip home and again we had a seasoned veteran traveler who we had to talk into stopping for lunch...

PHEW! That was a long post, but it was a jam packed weekend of fun and adventure for our little family of 3.5 and I loved every second of it! Even the being stuck behind Hill Billy Joe part!



Bitter Sweet....

Tonight was my last of two 10ks in the road race series. It marked my 7th race altogether this summer so far (6th one while preggers!) and all that is left are two little 5ks in October to earn me the coveted series jacket that I am now determined come hell or high water I will earn, darn it!!!

However, this has been a tough week. Sprout is causing so much pressure on my kidneys that my left one is swollen and I have a serious case of round ligament pain. These two things together had me in so much pain by Tuesday afternoon I couldn't move, walk, or talk and I was sent in to the ER after a call to the doctor's office. The only "cure" is rest, heat and Tylenol with codeine when needed.

Having this happen at the beginning of the week left me so nervous for tonight. I modified my goal to running/walking and coming in in under 2 hours. My friend running met me at the starting line and we started off. Not even a half of mile in and she wanted to leave me. I fought with myself, I tend to not give myself a break. I wanted to know why she would fail me now and pushing through was something I needed to do. Well 2 miles in I had to pee, that is when the contractions started and the right round ligament pain flared up. Running took one look at me and didn't give me the choice, off she galloped leaving me there on the road with the guilt of disappointment in myself. I thankfully found a lone port-o-potty and yes I used it, I needed to get the contractions to stop after all!!! After that I had a serious talk with myself.

It was not that running hated me, it was not that we weren't friends anymore. But for the time being we were just on different paths and I needed to take the walking one in order to keep my baby and my body safe. I was not failing, after all I was still doing a 10k damn it! The cutest little face and dearest friend ever met me at mile 3 and jumped in to get me over the pain of defeat and ligament pulling.

I picked up the walking pace and just kept my head down and feet moving. D and L cheered me on from my right the rest of the way and the spectators were clapping for the preggo trying to make her way to the finish line. Running met up with me again in 1/4 to 1/2 mile bursts and I just kept chugging along. I crossed the line at one hour and 30 minutes (14 min 27 sec/mile) after the gun, marking the end of another race and another accomplishment if I do say so myself.

It was not the best time, it was not even a time that is worth mentioning. In fact it is a pretty lousy time. But I was NOT the last one to finish AND I finished. I stayed strong and I got er done :0)

It is definitely time to let running go and just walk, which my last two 5ks I plan on walking at least 17 minute miles! I know that running and I have forged a friendship and that I can do it. I plan on picking back up with my old pal this spring and hitting the pavement again. Who knows maybe just maybe I can bring in a time that is worth is next year. Until then my friend, don't forget me. When this baby is born you and I are back on for sure!!!

Live Laugh ACHIEVE!

Boy vs Girl....

It looks like the boy votes are definitely winning! The envelope is still hidden and no one knows if the masses are right or the few. I have to say that I honestly have no feeling at all, but there are times during the day that my husband sways me to calling Sprout a he and thinking he may be right....

In other news our insanely busy summer actually came to a slow this weekend when our plans to camp with my family were canceled. We actually are staying home completely for the first time since the end of April!!! Did we let anyone know we were here? NOPE! We stayed in, got some work done that has been calling our name all spring and summer. We now have a completed walkway and the red barn doors and house doors all were painted a lovely shade of blue :0)

Tomorrow (even after my lovely epic screw up!) we are taking the little princess to see Pinkalicious at a local playhouse and spending the day as just the three of us. We can be as lazy or productive as we want, after all this is a free weekend!

Next weekend it is back on the road after finishing up the last of my 10k runs and the hectic go go go continues again. After all we just took our first free weekend (September 24th) and turned it into another group camping weekend. Now it looks like October is going to be just as busy for me....

Live Laugh ENJOY!

OH Boy.....

....or Girl!

We have yet to know what little baby sprout is. We went in for our 20 week ultra sound today. Yay to being half baked!!!! We celebrated last night with none other than Half Baked ice cream by Ben and Jerrys. Which I found not only fully appropriate for the occasion but also extremely yummy as well.

I went into the ultra sound today thinking I was in for a completely different experience then I had with Ella, however, baby Sprout apparently has the same ideas and mannerisms as it's big sister. The baby did not move, remained face down and refused to give us any good shots. So *sigh* I still get to turn green with envy with all the awesome ultra sound shots that get posted out there by various friends and family :0)

In honor of being half baked and getting the ultra sound I figured now was a great time to take a poll so please cast your vote (you can find the poll in the top right corner of my home page!) as to what team you think Baby Sprout is on. :0)

PS If anyone can tell me how to add the poll to this specific post that would be AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

It's SACO time!!!

It's here, it's here!!! The annual Saco River trip is upon us and I am super excited to spend the weekend with some of the best life long friends ever! Each year we set off on a Saturday morning for a wild ride down the Saco, or more likely a slow thirst quenched float down the Saco. We set up camp or stumble in a tent and spend the night. It is fun, it is crazy and it is always something to look forward too.

I wish I could remember how many Saco runs we have done... Did we start the year we graduated? I think so and if so this marks the 10th annual HMFY!!!! This year will be a dry year for me but I doubt that that will be a problem. I look forward to all the laughs that I know are coming :0)

Oh and this year I am also making sure that we have clothes and sleeping bags in the car BEFORE we get there!

Live Laugh FLOAT!

Houston we have MOVEMENT!!!!!!!!!

Not only do we have movement we have serious movement! With Ella the first time I really felt her move was at exactly 20 weeks while we happened to be at the BFCO. This little one I have now been feeling for a few weeks, little tightening pop movements and on July 27th the movement was strong enough for D to feel for himself. That is right at 18 weeks we had felt from the outside movement and at 15 weeks we had movement I could feel. I guess the placenta must not be in the front this time because I did not feel ANY of this with Ella.

The little bugger just never stops and there are now many more bets that it is a boy. I was thinking boy but I'm not so sure anymore.... Maybe I should set up a poll :0)