Working Mama

So I had my first night away from my kiddos for professional development...

I am glad that I went to the conference. Lots of neat ideas and really really good keynote speakers! Even though i was walked in on twice yes TWICW while trying to pump and had lunch with strangers I well let's just say strangers I didn't click with who left me craving a glass of whiskey I mean wine it was a great day.

D got to experience night time with kiddos while I tossed and turned in my hotel bed. He got to hand the kids off with instructions for my mom while I was up before 6am battling it out with the traveling business men over gym equipment. By the way, I managed to snag the treadmill I wanted, ha! And then he got to have a lovely kiddo pick up after a day of no napping.... While I rode 2.5 hours in a car with adult conversation ;0).

Lots of ideas for the program are now rolling around in my head, vying for spots with everything else rolling around in there. And after putting my sweeties to bed (both of whom went right to sleep at 8 and slept straight through until 5, not sure what D was talking about when he said he had a rough night, haha!) I crawled in my own bed thankful for who I am and what I do. I have a passion for this program and truly whole heartily believe in the cause. I can't wait to be a part of this initiative (Maine Family Literacy Initiative), and I love how it allows me to still be a mom first! A mom who goes to conferences occasionally but a mom who doesn't have to trade in what she already lives doing. I just get to add to it. Making sure more families get to have the magical experiences that my own family gets too :0)

Perks and Bonuses

So my days are full of love and fun. I mean aside from photography I have the exact career I have always wanted. I am blessed that my wonderful husband, even the key loser that he is, wants me home as much as I want to be home with my munchkins. My career path is highly under paid in legit money coming in but boy oh boy do I get lots of perks.

I wake up to the most beautiful kiddos EVER! I get to witness the love they have for each other and listen to their amazing personalities. Right now Princess Pie is big into playing school. She's the teacher and Max and Lucy Holly are her "kids". Mister Mister is growing super fast! Reaching for toys and getting ready to roll over. His head control is amazing considering the size of the noggin he's able to hold up!

In the afternoon while Max is asleep I get to watch Princess Pie create and boy can she ever. Today after reading the book Perfectly Square, she went into our craft with a vengeance. She took 6 squares and had me rip, cut, shred and crumple them. She then created a scene that she picked what day of the week she wanted and told me what each picture was. The results were so cool I made a days of the week chart for her to use.

When Max wakes up I get my special time with him. Cuddles and coos and little baby giggles are music to my ears.

While no money comes in for this job my payment in love and happiness far out weighs money for a beach vacation or new wardrobe :0)

Oh yes I'm still here

Oh boy so blogging has fallen off my radar. How did this happen? I had and still have the intent to blog more than last year but at this rate I will fall short. It's not my fault though! Blame Mother Nature. You see in Maine in March the weather is yuck yuck and more yuck with maybe a day thrown in that is sunny and 45 or 50. Just enough of a tease to make spring fever wreck havoc on your life. However, oh man has that NOT been the case. After the 15 inches of snow we got the first week the weather has been beautiful! For example yesterday was 90*, yes nine zero not a typo, at 3:00 in the afternoon!!! It has been gorgeous and summer like for the last week and really beautiful and spring like before that.

We bought our very own swingset an after long installation hours it's in and we are enjoying it! Lots and lots of outdoor playtime has taken place of blogging. Every night I drag a very dirty and exhausted little girl in the house, clean her up and put her to bed and then do it all again the next day!!!

Oh and ummm yeah I also am preparing to go back to work. So blogging will soon fall even further down the list. :0)

Twisted panties

So the snow is back and so is my need to vent and rant. Facebook and the whole social media thing is awesome. It allows me to keep up with friends and family all over the country and meet incredible new friends. While we come together over common things like having December babies, living in the same area or sharing the same parenting skills it also allows you to see some complete whack jobs.

Honestly I get we are all different. We parent different. We eat different. And we have different beliefs. However, sometimes I have literally sat here shacking my head in disbelief. See here's my deal, I can not stand cant stand it at all the people who a) go on and on complaining about this and that. Complaining they can't afford vacation or food or heat and then getting jobs they refuse to hold because they hate them. So guess what we pay for their assistance. B) people who refuse to help themselves. Oh I'll just sign up for assistance no need to look for a job and better myself. I get it we all fall on hard times but I'm so tired of those who are constantly having "hard times". And the cream on top? Oh wait I'll just throw another kid into the mix.

For those of you who know me you know that it's no secret that we worked for each child we have. My kids could never be more wanted. Do they drive me a bit batty? Well yes but I would NEVER complain about having them or complain about how hard being a mom is. I wanted this mom job and I would not trade it in for anything. But my biggest and I mean my biggest pet peeve in the world is people having babies just cause everyone else is and sitting there pregnant while they complain about the kids they have and how they can't afford the ones they have and about how they can't handle the kids they have.

I have been a witness to too many couples desperately trying for a baby, a second baby and third and struggling month after month. They want these babies they can handle and afford them and yet each month it's another crushing failure. While some just get to sit home, collect assistance and constantly complain while popping them out.

Oh boy does this make me so angry!!! And yes I am very aware that some people need the assistance, use it and then get back on their feet without abusing it. Or some have disabilities that prevents them from working and they need assistance so not against help but I'm against those who abuse it have the audacity to complain about everything at the same time.

Phew end rant and I do feel better now that I got some of that out. Oh and by the way I wish I could weed the cray- crays out of my social media since it is awesome to use it as an advice outlet and mommy sanity camp but they are out there, sometimes undercover! Guess I better just keep my eyes out for them and hit the cray cray alert button instead :0)

Let the sun shine!

Oh my goodness today is gorgeous!!! The sun is shining the temps are high and the first taste of spring is here! With a day like today I can't even work myself into a proper rant. So instead we are beach bound to properly enjoy the weather!

Rants, sweet notes and a brag or 2...

First of all some of my very pet peeves are coming more and more into my life and I keep biting and biting my tongue. I'll blog about them some day but first I need to talk to my wonderful sister in law and neighbor so that they know that they are NOT included in my rants. There are exceptions to everything and they are the exception to my rants on twin moms and moms of boys. Both happen to be moms to twin boys :0)

Next I received the most amazingly sweet thank you letter in the mail today. Honestly, why can't other moms encourage and compliment each other every day instead of try to out do and one up everything. That sweet little thank you note made my day, it put a smile on my face and made me realize how important kind words are. More often than not moms are always always trying to say they work harder, their kids are better, they endured the more intence labor. Why can't we say, Oh boy what a great job your doing showing your kid how to (insert any number of things here), I like how you handled that or any other numerous little compliments that would make a mom's day! I will treasure my little note and pull it out when I need a pick me up thats for sure!

And now my brags:

I have the best, most intelligent kids EVER!!! Ella is becoming a pro at writing her name and drawing people. AND she is so kind to her baby brother. I love how they interact already :0) See exhibit A and B.

exhibit A

exhibit B