go go go

If you want to stop starting over, then stop giving up.

This body made babies, it can put one foot in front of the other for 13.1 miles.

14 minute miles or 7 minute miles is STILL a mile.

As slow as that was you still lapped everyone who's sitting on the couch.

HELLO again blog world.  It has been FOREVER but I miss writing.  I just haven't really had anything to write about and honestly I have been in a little bit of a funk.  But those little quotes of motivation above along with a fantastic group of women that always love me no matter what I have to say, how bad I suck at running or how goofy I am have pulled me back. 

You see I refuse to make excuses and I refuse to give up because I AM going to run this thing called a half.  I just haven't been feeling the love for myself so I let it go for about a week.  But this passed week I have been back! Sunday D and I hit the road running with the kids, Monday a very dear friend and I pushed through the wall and both ran 4.08 miles.  The furthest either of us had run (me minus the one 10k I ran almost a year ago) and Thursday I got up at 4:30 so an equally determined neighbor and I could put in another almost 3 mile run.  I am BACK and actually I am as slow as ever BUT I am running further so I'll take it.

You see even after accomplishing that this week I was still eh about it all BUT you see I am a person who is not constantly whining (I can't stand whiners!) about wanting to exercise but not being able to because of (insert a number of stupid reasons here) or when they could exercise not doing it but then complaining complaining complaining.  If you do not like something then CHANGE it.  YOU have the CHOICE to make yourself into whatever you want to be.  If you actually want to be the whiny little complaining always looking for sympathy and complements then by all means continue on your way.  But if you actually want some of these goals you whine about then GET UP AND DO IT!

I will be taking my own advice and owning up to every choice I make.  Whether its with my running, my parenting or even my housework.  Yes I will probably get into another funk at some point but there are these women who I know will be there to remind me to get my funk on and then get over myself.  I do have lots and lots and LOTS going for me and from here on out whining is going to be something I try MY BEST not to partake in...