I totally slacked yesterday and thought about blogging but didn't actually get the energy to sign and write :0) So todays post is for yesterday AND today. Its the last of my November challenge and I had a lot of fun doing it! I liked blogging every day and I liked focusing on positive things. All too often we tend to fall into slumps and live in a negative pattern. I myself know that I was there in my darkest of TTC months this past year. I really appreciate the friends and family who stayed with me and held my hand until I came back to the bright side :0) Without all of you, I may never have been able to break that pattern.

So two last things that I am thankful for? First I am thankful for my vision. I love that I can wake up every morning and see my baby girls face, and watch her learn and wonder. I love that I can see my husband walking up the driveway after a long day at work. I love that I can see the clouds, and flowers and beauty of all things. One of my biggest fears is not being able to see. Espeicailly not see my little girl grow and I am so thankful that I can!

And lastly, I am just thankful for the opportunitues that have gotten me where I am today. All of the events that have molded me and set me down the path that has led me to this life. I had a great childhood. Money may have been tight or nonexistent but the fun and love was there. It taught me that money really doesn't buy happiness and now I am content to live minimally so that I can have my dream job. It taught me that fun can be made out of anything, so Ella and I (and soon Sprout) will always turn an ordinary day into some sort of adventure, proabaly getting lost in the process. Yes I know this makes me kooky but hey there's more fun in that than being proper all the time. I was never the popular girl but that taught me the value of true, real friendship and has led me to some very awesome relationships.

I love my life, I love where I am and I am so glad that I have chosen the less traveled path :0)

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood
and sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveller, long I stood
and looked down one as far as I could
to where it bent in the undergrowth;

Then took the other, as just as fair,
and having perhaps the better claim
because it was grassy and wanted wear;
though as for that, the passing there
had worn them really about the same,

And both that morning equally lay
in leaves no feet had trodden black.
Oh, I kept the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I --
I took the one less travelled by,
and that has made all the difference


There is no doubt about it. I have the most amazing, intelligent, kind, generous, witty and beautigul little girl ever. I just love spending time with her, being around her and playing all sorts of imaginative things with her. Today I am so thankful for her constant entertainment of Ella-isms.

A bad day, a tired day, a sad day and even a going fantastic happy day can all be made better with one of her out of the blue comments that make me stop, laugh and try to keep a straight face. As the days pass with this pregnancy my days are getting longer and more MORE MMMMMOOOORRRRREEEEEEEE uncomfortable with every passing second, however, with the cheer and enthusiasm of my little girl (I also need to mention the dedication and care of my wonderful husband), I am weathering them quite well.

Here are a few of my favorite recent Ella-isms:

(While I am sitting on the couch flipping through a magazine, she drags her chair over, crosses her leg and holds her pen poised over her notebook)

"So are you having any contractions? Any problems? No, no problems. Ok lets just check in your mouth. OK you're good. Thank you for being such a good patient"

(While driving I ask if she wants a bagel since we both needed some sort of food in the middle of running errands all over the place)

"Yes I would like a bagel. A girl bagel"
(What's a girl bagel?)
"A bagel with no meat. Girls don't eat meat ya know. I am a big girl now and I just don't eat that meaty stuff"

(While packing some of my hospital bag, I threw in my nursing cover)

"Mom what was that?"
(a nursing cover)
"oh ok"
(Derrick thinking I was talking to him, what was that?)
"Dad its a thing Mom needs for breast feeding ok?"

(While preparing dinner, I asked Ella if she wanted tomatoes)

"No I do not like them"
(Trying to get her to try I tell her, her new cousin Nolan likes them)
"Mom Nolan is just a baby you don't know if he likes them yet, you'll have to ask him when he gets bigger"

I really really love that little girl! And I need to start writing more of these funny little conversations down. Just writing tonight's blog and rethinking about them has put a smile on my face and improved my mood!

Thank you little girl for being so awesome, silly and sweet :0)
Thankful today for soup. Soup is good, soup is great. It's a drink and food, having a two for one is great when you just feel like you can't eat anything and when there isn't any room for food anyway. I am a lucky lucky girl and have had three kinds of delicious homemade soup this weekend :0)

House Party

Our house may not be much to look at and we may have only handy me down furniture free finds however it is a house of love and I am thankful for that. D and I got to host our annual nontraditional Thanksgiving day today. I am so glad that we have family to fill the house with laughter and love. We may not have a dream house but we have a dream HOME for sure.

The 5k was successful, the food yummy, the tree lighting fun and the laugher abundant. And yes Sprout continued to let me know that enough was enough with another day of contractions galore, if I stayed on my feet too long. It is looking like I may have to do some serious resting from here on out. Well, after my two parties to attend tomorrow, I may just put myself on light duty before D does it for me. Then next weekend it's Princess Pies big birthday celebration and I am then definitely going to retire and spend some rest time in our HOME!

Contraction stoppers

Today I am thankful, super thankful for having a husband who insists I lay down and for a cousin who spent the morning entertaining Ella while Derrick was at work. Contractions have started and don't stop as long as I am standing or trying to do any of the million things I need to do. I had to spend most of my day taking breaks every 20 minutes to get them to stop. I am so thankful my hubby picks up the slack. Especially since tomorrow we are hosting our annual nontraditional Thanksgiving dinner after a 5k Turkey Trot! I'm hoping tone more active tomorrow. This baby needs to stay put for at least 11 more days :0)

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Today is a day where thanks is given all around and my list of things I am thankful for is a scroll! Some of my top items of course were past blogs this month. But today I am thankful to just see how thankful everyone is. All of the Facebook statuses were so full of positive thoughts today and it made me so happy to see all the upbeat posts from everyone.

Of course the cake, pie and family time didn't hurt today either :0).

Tonight I'm going to bed to the rhythm to Sprout's hiccups in between contraction counts (which have slowed alot thank goodness. Tonight is not a night I want to go into the hospital), so thankful for the life I live. I love my family, in laws and friends. And I am so in love with my little family of 3.5. My husband, baby girl and bean sprout mean the world to me! The journey to becoming a mom was long and hard but I have the best partner by my side. Even though we never thought Thing 2 would be a possibility we are anxiously awaiting it's arrival.

pampering...yes please!!!

I would love to thank Mother Nature for NOT interfering with my much much much needed day of pampering! She may have blew my Kenny dreams but I think she knew if she messed with today too, all hell would break out.

I was lucky enough to have one of my SILs come over late morning to stay with Ella while I went to Portsmouth Community Acupuncture to have Emily work her magic. I am so blessed to have gotten these sessions as a birthday gift. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the relaxation that being poked brings. I got to sit in a comfy chair, in the dim light, in SILENCE! Yes, of course this lead to a nap but hey any sleep at any time right now I will take. I am so looking forward to going again next week. Anyone want to babysit? Oh and local readers I HIGHLY recommend going in for a poke, it really does help with any sort of issue you may be having! (Oh and Emily put a guess in for a girl based on the way I was carrying even though my pulse was a bit stronger on the boy side...)

Next after a quick visit to the midwife, who said things look fine and she does not expect me to even make 39 weeks let alone the full 40, fingers crossed she is right, I got to go sit and indulge in another birthday gift. A spa perdicure!!!! Oh it was pure heaven. My two SILs and my munchkin bum came along and we all have PUUURTTYYYY toesies right now. A nice dinner of mexican followed and now I am home ready to put on the sweats and hit the sack.

I am so thankful that I got a little special treatment today. It could not have come at a better time :0)
I always have so much to be thankful for. Like the M&Ms reminded me yesterday I am lucky even when it comes to the little things. But today after very rough night #186629. Ok actually rough night #3 I was a mess. A MESS this morning. I can barely even function anymore however, I am so thankful for the series of events that unfolded to make me realize I matter and I am loved. First my poor hubby (who was up and dealing with my crying breakdown at 4am) emailed me to let me know he was coming home early. Super early in fact, I just had to meet him at the gate at 10:30 for pick up. I made it there at 10:44. A little late but I was surprised this mornministry a mini sprinkle from my running buddies and good friends! Those two (plus the one who is also preggo but couldn't make it because the poor thing was booked to work a 13 hour day on her feet chatting it up with clients as she cut and styled for the holidays. By the way this news made me thankful I can sit when I need too!), put on a beautiful little breakfast sprinkle. The china was out, the table was gorgeous and thankfully the leftovers were packed for me to take home because the food was super yummy!!! Sprout was sprinkled with diapers and wipes (Cindy I am starting to have a legit pile now!). And the one thing I was on the hunt for was wrapped and waiting. An adorable diaper bag!!!! I am going to pack it for the hossy this weekend!!!

The rest of my day was spent mostly alone since D had Ella outside playing while I folded laundry in silence. I got in a cat nap followed by an hour (and still counting) of quiet sitting, texting and facebooking and doing whatever I want, while Ella naps. I got to text chat with some far away and greatly missed family. I received an an amazing compliment from someone who said they wish they were half the mom I was (but they themselves are amazing!). And I am dreaming up what I want for dinner, Pinterest has way too many good ideas!

So today I am thankful that I kept my sanity (even if, only according to D, it's hanging by a thread). So thread that is keeping me together that has been made stronger by the friends and family who help hold me together, thank you!!! So just in case anyone sees me out and about tomorrow, if I look like hell remember I'm being held together by one strong thread please don't be the knife who breaks me. And Mother Nature I'm telling ya right now. You sent Irene and ruined my Kenny plans do not. I repeat do NOT prevent me from my much needed accupuncture appointment! I need to go see Emily and get poked or I may just lose it!!! Not to mention my much desired pedi appointment tomorrow night!!!!

Peanut M&Ms...

... Yep that is all, enough said, that is what I am thankful for today. On days where I am just so busy and tired and exhausted and tired and tired and tired. It is the little things like a small splurge on a packet of M&Ms that make me stop and smile and remember that I am such a blessed women.

I love how it's the little things that can re center me and put things back into perspective. Plus a little chocolate can turn a girls day completely around :0)
Thankful for the knowledge that in about 6 hours I will be able to fall into my king size bed (which I know I am going to be so thankful for once we officially add one more to the bed for Sarurday morning snuggles). I ache, I'm sore and I am just plain exhausted. Never will a pillow feel so soft even though I have a make shift nest of them to keep me in a seated position. Tonight i will be thankful for every second I get to close my eyes and sleep. If sleep is a 40 minute reprieve tonight or a 2 hour one I am going to welcome anything I can get with open arms.

Bed thank you for being so welcoming and cozy. I love that you just invite me in whenever I come upstairs. You are the best thing made out of fluff in the world!!!

Sprout Sprinkle!

Wow what a beautiful afternoon! D, Princess Pie and myself spent the afternoon surrounded by family and friends who all wanted to welcome sprout into the family! We were so touched to even feel the love from our out of state family members! What a beautifully crafted little get together! The llittle sprinkle was just perfect! Sprout will now be able to have her very own pictures of people celebrating for her baby book. And it was so nice to feel the love and support that will help us bring Sprout into the world.

Thank you thank you thank you to all of you who took time from busy schedules to support us in welcoming this new little bundle. We are so blessed in friends and family that's for sure!!!!

Happy Birthday Song

So today I am thankful for playtime. Ella and I had the best morning and early afternoon just playing and playing. I love watching her come up with scenarios to play. The dialogue she makes up and the imaginative way she makes all her ideas come to life.

I am so thankful that this is what I get to do on a daily basis. And as she played for over an hour with her play dough cake station i got to see just how much she loves me. She made me my favorite strawberry "pupcakes" and lovingly sang me happy birthday and saying I just lie you sweetie. My dear I love you so much. *sigh* what a lucky mommy I am!!!

Oohh I'm a slacker!

Ok I was doing so so so well, and then my sleep deprived gigantic self didn't blog yesterday. So yesterday I was thankful for the prenatal water aerobics class. I can not even explain the relief being in the water brought. I was able to get a full workout in and feel fantastic doing it. My back didn't ache, my belly didn't weigh me down and I was jogging. I realized I miss running even more bu the pool allows me almost be doing it again!!!

Not only did I get a fabulous workout in, I also got some sleep last night! I think the intense activity that brought relief to me back allowed me to fall into bed in pure contented exhaustion last night. So thankful to have the opportunity to belong to a gym that offers this class :0)

Comfy pants

Yep today's blog title says it all. Today I am thankful for my good ole, worn down, from my fat days big, blue sweatpants. After a routine 15 minute check in with the midwife turned into over an hour of being hooked up to the NST, failing it twice and being sent to ultra sound because Thing 2 is a little stinker, they were waiting for me in the closet at home. I have thrown them on, put Princess Butt down for a nap in her fort and curled up in my upright nest in bed. (Which by the way I'm thankful I have finally constructed one at the perfec angle. Since I can now rest and breath at night, leading to little bouts of sleep at last!). I have now been laying quietly, counting kicks punches and bumps, and listening to tiny little snores for almost 2 hours now. I just wish I had some ice cream to add into my perfect little afternoon treat.

So thank you sweat pants for being so warm, worn and comfy for when I need some cozy me time the most!


Today I am thankful for naptime. I just get to sit here and look at my precious baby sleep so soundly. I love the fact that she is so completely loved and comfortable she can become so vulnerable. I love that sweet Princess Pie and am thankful for her in so many ways. But today I'm thankful to just soak in her beauty listening to the silence of peace.

*sigh* of contentment :0)

So this past weekend I celebrated my birthday, my 25th birthday for all those wondering. It could not have been a more pleasant weekend. I am so thankful that I have such an amazing and kind and thoughtful and patient and caring and funny and considerate and talented and thoughtful and thoughtful and thoughtful husband.

I was pampered and treasured all weekend long by my little family. I awoke Saturday morning to a beautiful handmade card from Ella. (She may have told me she made me a card Thursday night when I arrived home...). It was the cutest little card EVER! Then I was presented with a choice menu for the weekend. I could basically choose whatever I wanted to do, see, eat ANYTHING! I chose to start my day with a bubble bath (complete with "trashy" magazine reading material, D remembered to buy them while he took Ella grocery shopping Friday all by himself!) As I soaked and read about how much JLo weighs and the divorce of Kloe I was super relaxed. A foot rub followed and then we took an excursion to the Hamilton House. A house that I love to explore the grounds of and enjoy the scenery. We played and explored and took pictures and then headed home. D bought me a sandwich from Allards for lunch (BEST sandwiches EVER!) and we had a picnic in the living room. Nap time (for me!!!) followed and he and Ella made my favorite cake, boxed (yes boxed) Strawberry cake and with white frosting and sprinkles. Don't ask but its totally my favorite and I LOVED it! He prepped for dinner (enchiladas!!!) and we had family time. My sister and Joe came over with Rollie Pollie Nolan and had dinner with us. We ended the night curled on the couch watching Bridesmaids. It was AWESOME! Sunday I still got some special treatment, another nap and a special dinner (enchiladas and strawberry cake again!) at my in-laws.

I am a spoiled and treasured and lucky gal. I have the best husband and daughter and family a girl could ever wish for. They made my 29th errrrr I mean 25th birthday super special.

Thank you Cowboy!!! I am looking forward to my acupuncture sessions as well!

Super Dad :0)

Of course my mom was not alone in the raising and supporting me so today's post is for my Dad. I am so thankful that I have a dad that treasures having a Daddy's little princess. I know that my dad will do absolutely anything for me. When we were little I may have used this to my advantages, knowing full well that my mom would have said no to my request. And I may have used this as I got older (think high school) as well, in fact there was an instant when D and I may have disagreed and I refused to get in the car knowing I could get my dad to drive the hour round trip and ride home with him instead. (For the record I did not take advantage of this one and D and I made up and I rode home with him of course).

My dad was been there for me countless times. He is always a phone call away and often stops in to visit on his way by (although it never is directly on his way by he always goes out of his way to stop in). My dad is a big old softy who lets the love he has for his girls and his grandkids shine through. They always say you marry a guy that is like your father and its true. Two of the best men in the entire world stand by me and support me and I love them both very much.

So Dad, thank you for being the most amazing dad a little girl can ask for. Always willing to give up what you have to help us, always answering your phone to take a request, and for being there with endless love and support. You taught me that there are men out there that are kind, considerate, hard working and honest and because of your teachings I found one for myself.

Thank you Dad, I LOVE YOU!

My Mommy :0)

Since I woke up this morning with my party pants on fully ready to celebrate the 4th anniversary of turning 25, I feel that it is only right to spend the day thanking my mom. As I get ready to hit the spa at good ole P Street and then off to any adventure we can think I just want to take a minute to honor the reason I am even here celebrating today.

I am so thankful for my mom. She is the most loving and caring person I know. I love that I can use her as a model in every aspect of my life, as a wife, a mother, a sister and a daughter and even an aunt. She is forever thinking of others and always there with anything we need. I know that I can call on her at anytime and she will just do what I need no questions asked.

So Mom I just want to say thank you! Thank you for loving me, supporting me and guiding me through my life lessons. You have given me not only the gift of life but also the gift of showing me how to make the best of life and be the best person I can be. You are not only my mom but my friend and teacher as well. The only thing I love more than having you as a mom is the thought that my kids get to have you as their grandmother. I love you Mom!!! Happy "birth" day to you. And yes I know 25 (plus 4) years ago you were in labor and I gave you those stretch marks :0)


Today's thankfulness post is a no brainer. I am so thankful for all of the men and women who have served, fought and died for a country that allows us the freedom to be who we are and what we want to be.

I have friends whose husbands serve, who have missed the birth of their children. I have family that has served and I have family who is currently serving and also missed the birth of their beautiful little boy a little over a year ago.

To all of you out there who make the ultimate scarfice I thank you! I thank you for keeping me and my family safe, for allowing us the freedom of our constituition and for putting it all on the line selflessly. You are all heros and need to be aprreciated for such scarifices!

warm and cozies

While yes I am thankful for being literally warm and cozy right now, since I am sitting by the fire, in my yoga pants as the rain comes pouring down outside, it is not the warm and cozy that I am thankful for today.

Today I am thankful for the warm and cozies that are left behind after having a great conversation with a friend. Recently, I have had the opportunity to have the time fly by while talking to someone that I honestly connect with. During a family playdate, while visiting a neighbor or riding in the car with my hubby on the way to birthing class are all occasions in the last few weeks that I had a great conversation with someone.

Today, I also got the privilege of leaving with the warm and cozy feeling in my body. I lost myself in 2 hours of conversation with a friend that I can go months without seeing and pick right up where we left off. I actually could have easily stayed for another two hours and continued but I had to pick up Princess Pie from school. The conversation is always awesome and we just get chatting and nothing stops us. Today, we got to talk pregnancy since we are both expecting babies soon. She is going to be a first time mom and an awesome one at that. I can not wait to see that baby get to look into the eyes of both its adoring parents. It is going to be one lucky little tike! (Which I am casting my vote on it being a girl, guess we will see in April!),

Now tonight after some tea party conversation with my little darling sassafrass, I am fortunate enough to get to go have another conversation over margaritas and mock margaritas with my SIL. I guess since it's my SIL I am even more lucky that we connect so well, not many people can claim that their in-laws are friends too :0)


My husband is such a hard worker. He goes to work every day in order to provide for his family. I know he wishes he were doing something else or could provide more but he works and works hard and for that I am truly thankful. Because of the dedication my husband has to providing for the family I have the extreme pleasure of being a stay at home mom. I love my job!!!

Today for example we hit a baby expo and then had a movie lunch date at a local movie theater. I love being able to do these special things with my Princess Pie. Of course it also means that we go without things like, matching furniture, a tv, vacations or birthday and Christmas presents for each other but I really wouldn't trade my memories for these material things.

I know my husband misses out on alot. He would love to be able to spend a day with Ella and I feel guilty that I am so happy. He is amazing and never grumbles about it. Boy am I super thankful I get to have my dream job!

Thank you Cowboy for not only allowing me to do this but for encouraging it as well :0)

Thankfulness Day 8!

First I am typing from a computer NOT my iPhone today!!! Wahooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok today I am thankful for my health. Especially during this pregnancy. I am so thankful to be told every doctor's visit that my stats are perfect: blood pressure, weight gain, urine sample. There really haven't been any complications and it doesn't hurt a girl's ego to hear every time I go in that I have such a perfect little belly. I should be out strutting how cute I am. Maybe they say that to everyone but hey I'll take it since I am not feeling the prettiest :0)

But seriously I am so thankful to be healthy. I was able to keep up the running and finish the road race series. For the most part I am feeling great. I do have aches and discomfort trying to lay down to sleep at night but thats just Thing 2's position right now. I hope to labor and deliver as easily and perfectly as I carried :0)

Oh hmmm I should probably take a belly shot soon, seeing as it is getting down to the end!

Princess Pie

Ok, we all knew it was coming my blog post about how thankful I am for my little precious first miracle. I am thankful for her in so many ways. She is so imaginative, adorable and just plain brilliant. D and I often joked, after being told in high school that if we ever had kids their IQs would be 60,000, that if she got the best of each of our intelligences she would be unstoppable. And really she is. She outsmarts us both all the time now at 2 I am not sure how we will be outsmarted in future years. My heart glows with pride each moment of the day of this tiny little beat of my heart.

Each day I wish I could capture on video what it's like when it's just the two of us. The antics and the fun that is little girl should be shared but she saves it just for me. I feel honored that she shares the best aide of herself with me. One day soon the public will see the Ella I see and not shy quiet one but for now I treasure the moments I get to witness and I hold them close. Just this morning she got herself ready for a shopping day and I hear her yell up the stairs: "mom I have my own money cam I get a coffee on the way?". As I came down my little princess pie was clutching her dollar bill and looking so hopeful that of course I said yes. She then packed that dollar for her coffee and another one she insisted was for her shopping into her wallet that went into her purse, we were ready. While we were out my perfect little girl took her shopping dollar and bought a rattle for her cousin Nolan. She insisted he needed something more than she did and then proudly handed him the little rattle. Never in my life have I felt so much pride. I could have burst at the seams to see my little girl being so generous!

I love that little girl more than anything I could have ever imagined. She truly is a perfect little soul and I am so thankful to have her in my life. They say good things are always worth the wait and I can say that everything I went through to get this little girl was so worth it!!! I love you to the moon and back!

Ohhh yummmmm!

Today I am thankful for fresh hot out of the oven cinnamon buns. Really enough said :0). Off to eat my fill in them. I guess I have taken the celebration of finishing my race series to an extreme and weight gain will now commence!

PS. I wont have to blog on the iPhone much longer! My lovely sister and brother-in-law gave us a desk top!!!

Role models and fairy tales

34 years ago today my in-laws tied the knot. 3 weeks ago my parents celebrated the 30th anniversary of their wedding union. Growing up I was lucky enough to witness a marriage of love and partnership. I am sure D grew up in this as well considering for the last 11 years object also seen these traits in his parent's marriage. So today, I am thankful that both of us grew up in the security of a good marriage. We witnessed what it was like to have the give and take a marriage needs. The support and love to grow in and the work it takes to well make it work.

The real kicker in this? Both our parents happened to be high school sweethearts as well. It looks like we all found our fairy tale. Thank you Mom and Dad and Ann and Gary for showing us how to live out that fairy tale. For giving us amazing examples to go by and for being there to help us out when we need it :0)


Today I am thankful for the generosity of the family and friends that surround me. We have been so blessed lately that I can't even begin to describe the depth. A surprise baby shower in FL, a homecooked meal, and drop in visits. Willingness to take our little princess while we attend hypnobirthing, wood flooring and slate given at no cost to us and just tonight an awesome generator given at my birthday dinner.

Really the amount of love and support we receive in our lives is abundant and so forthcoming. Each and every one of you are a blessing and I am truly thankful that I get to be surrounded by the best friends and family any girl could ask for!

A special thank you for those who squeezed time out tonight to celebrate my birthday with me :0)


So not being ableto post and then post yesterday for the day before has totally thrown me off. So I vow to get on track today. Post #1 is for yesterday's thanks and then tonight I will post for today. Alright...

Today I am thankful for the little miracle of life I have growing inside me. The months and months of TTC seem to have faded and all the feelings of sadness, disappointment and anger have been erased. Now, the joy and exciement of feeling this little blessing every day is all that matters. I don't even care that I am carrying an extra 15 pounds, haven't slept in weeks and visit the bathroom 1,456,765 times a night. Not to mention I can't breath and running is now a thing of the past.

I am just about 33 weeks now so the time is windin down. We have been preparing for the arrival of Max/Lucy. The crib is up, hypnobirthing techniques are being mastered and Ella even completed her sibling class last night. We are all so in love with this baby already and can't wait to see and kiss and love it even more.

I am so thankful that I was given the opportunity to carry this baby and soon brIng him/her into the world. I am looking forward to a calm, quiet and drug free birth that bonds us together as a family of four!

100 and soulmates!

This was yesterday's post I tried so hard to get up!

First before I get into the topic of today's thankfulness, I just want to take a minute to recognize this as my 100th post!!! I made it to the hundred club (yes in my mind such a club exists). Go me!!!!

So today?  Today's topic is a mushy one and will probably be sprinkled through the rest of the 30 days as thankfulness as well. Well because today's topic is one of my top blessings of all time. Today?  Today I thankful that I got to marry my soulmate. Me little ole shy country girl was hand picked by prince charming way back in high school. Through out all the "good" advice on how we each needed to live and experience life before being serious we stuck together. We grew together and loved together.

D is such an amazing dad (yes it will probably be the topic of a thankfulness post), a patient husband (yep again another day) and a hard worker (why not add a third day as well).  Just this afternoon I was stopped by a neighbor while checking the mail so she could tell me how hard of a worker he was and how much they appreciate us in the neighborhood.

I am so thankful that of all the girls he chose me!  He really chose me and I could not be happier!

Thank you Cowboy for completing in every way and for loving me endlessly!  (by the way I do have one male reader!  It's the love of my life, supporting me in broadcasting our life to my readers)

November challenge!

November is here! Most look at November as the month of giving thanksgiving. After all we all have so much to be thankful for even if things seem to be piling on us and burying us alive. So while the weather is getting dreary, the scenery not so beautiful and the days all too short, I have decided to keep thing in perspective by doing the November challenge. Each day this month I will blog about a different thing I am thankful for.

As I sit here lots of things are running through my head that I am thankful for. Which one should I pick to start me off? It's a hard decision and for the next 30 days the order of my thankfulness means no importance because obviously some things I am more thankful of than others. So today?

Today I am thankful for family and friends support. Without which I would not be able to accomplish my goals and dreams. I am thankful that I am loved enough that I can always find someone to drop everything and cheer me on in whatever I am doing. This past weekend it happened to be my mom who braved the freezing temps and the obscene trek from the start to the finish line in my last race. On Saturday my mom made sure she and Princess Pie cheered me on at the start and welcomed me with a huge congrats at the finish of my last race in the series. That is right ladies and gentelmen (do I even have any male readers?). I earned my runners jacket! I ran 6 of the series races (two of which were 10ks) to be able to be able to be able to lay claim to the end result of my jacket!

As of now I have run 11 races this year, 8 of them while be pregnant. I'm pretty proud of myself that's for sure!

So to all of you who have cheered me on, or cheered me up as L says. Who have ran with me, encouraged me and supported me, THANK YOU!!! I am truly thankful for each and every one of you!

PS since the computer is broken I will have to use the iPhone as my means to post each day, wish me luck! Oh and I am also thankful I am lucky enough to even have am iPhone!