It's been difficult to sleep lately. I normally have a very troubled sleeping pattern but its worse than normal lately. I had some blood work done on Friday and waiting for the results is a bit maddening!!!! You see the results could give me answers. It could explain my infertility and change my life forever.

If I understood why we are now on cycle 8 of TTC number 3 I would feel better about things. If the reason was known then it could also be fixed right?! Along with testing for a thyroid problem they also are testing hgc levels for a pregnancy. While I know that a positive pregnancy test is not likely and almost impossible I can't help but hold on to a bit of hope. After all, what would life be with out holding on to some hope?

Now my goal for the night is to fight the urge to google, googling things when you can't sleep is NEVER a good idea, and curl up and sleep soundly.... Lol yeah right. At least Pinterest is a good time warp :0)