It's been a LONG time!

I was on a roll, blogging galore (at least for me it was galore) and loving every minute of it. I really really do like writing and getting some of my thoughts out and down even though for most they are just boring tales of a mommy who loves her life. It was all good until the computer crashed and burned and died and went to the graveyard. Not having a computer hasn't been that big of a deal since I am cool enough to have an iPhone. But blogging on the phone was not something I wanted to do and with no pressing thoughts I just let the blog slide.

However, I have missed it like crazy. I missed seeing my little profile and just typing away to clear my mind. So, here I am sitting at my moms in front of her computer in complete bliss. So there is probably lots to update on, I am well into my third trimester, friends all around are popping up preggo and I couldn't be happier, house renovations, hypno birthing, and of course endless Ella stories that leave me rolling with laughter. But my first post after my hiatus? My first post is going to be about friends.

Ever feel like there are certain people that you just instantly connect with? This has happened to me on a few occasions and really that connection is so deep and strong that no matter how many days go by you can always pick up right where you left off. I have a few certain friends from high school that from the first moment I sat down next to them we were joined forever, my neighbor whom I have only been talking to for a little over a year feels like I grew up next door too and now? Now I have a group of fabulous women that a year ago I was calling my Internet Friends. These women started bonding over the birth of our December babies and have never looked back. About 10 months after talking everyday for a couple of years though cyber space we started planning a girls weekend to meet in person.

I was nervous as all get out. Really I had never done anything like this before and have only been out of Maine a few times. But last Friday I found myself boarding a plane and heading to Naples, FL to meet these girls I had shared so much of my life with. And what did I find? I found the friends of a lifetime, exactly like I had pictured them and as easy to be around as anyone of my other friends. Conversation came easy, there was no awkwardness, no feelings of I was mistaken. It was pure enjoyment. These sweet girls even had secretly planned me a baby shower for Friday night. Seriously I got to have a baby shower in Naples, FL? I am super lucky of this I know, friends like these girls don't come around that often. Friends that without a doubt I will be planning another trip to go see, and our daily banter will continue! After all Baby Sprout has some great Cyber Aunties :0)