Dear Ella

Dear Ella,

Mommy loves you like you wouldn't believe! I just love each and everything about you. I love how you will come in all sneak like and say "I'm a gonna get you" I love how you like to give me a big ole smooch just because I ask. I love how smart you are. You really are a very intelligent little girl. I am so proud of you!!!!! I love listening to you count to 10, identify all your colors, sing the ABC's, and recognize some letters. My new favorite though, is listening to you sing songs to your baby. As you were singing "You Are My Sunshine" as you danced around with your baby today I was the happiest mommy EVER!

Speaking of babies, I love how you are such a good lil mama! It makes my heart soar to see you take care of your baby. To feed it, change it, read to it, rock it, wash it.... It makes me glad because it shows me that I am doing a some what good job with you. I would love to freeze time right here and now. You are still small enough to be my cuddly baby as I rock you to sleep or read books to you, but you also are a little person who I can talk to and laugh with. Being your mommy is the BEST job in the entire world and I am so thankful that I get to do that job EVERY. SINGLE. DAY!

So I just wanted to let you know that I love you more than anything and that you make me one proud mama. My wish for you is that you never forget how to dance like you do right now, how to sing out loud even if someone is listening and how to show your mama that she is doing something right :0)

Love, Mommy


Ok so if I were private I could not get this news out to everyone...

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About a week ago I went and made my blog private, I started thinking about who was viewing it and if I wanted them too. But now I am having second thoughts. I admit I used to HATE when I used to be on a message board and someone would announce "I am going private" or "should I go private" I always used to think well just do it or don't. But now I have realized that it actually is a tough decision, one that I can't make yet...


Fall is here, the leaves are changing, my favorite beer is out and the pumpkins and apples are calling my name. Fall by far is my absolutely favorite time of year (well the early fall not the late yucky leaves gone dreary ready for snow fall).

As I gear up to start the fall baking and leaf peeping and all the other great stuff that fall brings, I can't help but think that Halloween is right around the corner and this year I have NO IDEA what I want Ella to be. I figure this is my last year to pick out her costume without her fighting my choice and telling ME what SHE wants to be. But as I think about it I just can't decide. Its worse than not deciding though because I don't even have choices to decide between I can't think of anything!!! After all how can I top the cuteness of last year?

Isle Au Haut

After the skunk incident of last Monday night that left the whole house stinking like skunk. Which meant that every article of clothing needed to be washed (some twice) and the threat of Hurricane Earl. We were pretty sure we were going to throw in the towel and not head out to Isle Au Haut like we had planned after we were invited by a good friend and his family.

Late Thursday night we decided to just go for it. We packed what clothes we had washed into 3 bags and headed out at 5am on Friday morning. We stopped halfway up and grabbed some food and breakfast so Ella could stretch her legs. And also get her "coffee". By 11:15 we had made it to the dock with 15 minutes to spare and a sleeping Ella. We loaded the stuff in the boat and listened as the crew was concerned about leaving their boat at the dock when Earl rolled in. We set off anyway with intentions of beating Earl to shore and hankering down to watch the action.

The boat landed and we were met by our good friend's parents who warmly welcomed us and loaded us in their 2 island cars (there was 7 of us on the boat heading back to their house). On the road (which there is only one road on the island, a 13 mile loop road) we took bets on what houses and or structures would weather the storm. Ella happily bounced along next to me thrilled to not have a car seat and beable to finally sit like a big girl.

We reached the house by 1 o'clock and settled in and took a beautiful hike to Thunder Gultch to watch the waves roll in. By 5 is was time for "libations" which was my favorite time of day. We made drinks of our choice and gathered around the living room with pre dinner snacks and just laughed and talked and told stories. The first night lobsters was served straight from the boat to the pot. It was the BEST lobster I have ever eaten and advanced lessons were given for those who had not quite mastered the art of eating every bit of the lobster. I was a pretty happy girl sitting there after 2 drinks while lobster butter was running down my arms and laughter was being had by all.

We woke the next day to rain (all that we ended up getting of Earl) that stopped by the time we had breakfast and turned into BEAUTIFUL weather! However, instead of heading out to hike or sail we headed back to the maineland to get supplies.
We made it back 5 minutes too late to make the boat back so it looked like our stay on the island was over. We then thought well lets get a room and go back in the morning, but no vacancies were found. That was when being in a small town off the coast of Maine paid off. We found a lobster man heading back to the island by slim chance and he agreed to take us over, along with some other guests that were staying. Ella got a huge kick out of riding on the lobster boat and watching the colorful characters on board. From the arguing drinking men to the rather large lady eating raw hotdogs and whoopie pies. Needless to say it was quite the adventure and we were thrilled to arrive back in time for "libations"

The rest of the weekend was spent taking in the views from the beach, to the trails and even some stargazing. We had an absolutely fabulous time and did not want to come home. The house was so quaint and cozy, the scenery was AMAZING, and the company was suberb! I would say that it was a perfect family getaway!

Next up another trip to Storyland on Friday!!!! This summer could not have been better!!!


Last year at this time we noticed that we had a skunk living under our barn. Derrick was livid and I was sympathetic. He wanted to kill it I didn't have the heart. After all there are people who are feeding cats on our street and the skunks come for a meal too. That was before this is now. Now after having our second skunk encounter I say kill the damn thing.

Monday night after putting Ella to bed and finding repreive in my air conditioned bedroom with a good book and my favorite tshirt, I learn that once again our dog was sprayed. This time when I went downstairs to see how I could help the smell was worse than ever. It was a mix of garlic and burning rubber that instantly had me nauseaus.

Derrick had let Ranger out to go to the bathroom and he heard an attack. Assuming that it was the neighbors little dog that likes to antagonize Ranger he called Ranger in. As he was about to come through the door he charged again at something under the window. That attack lead to him being sprayed in the eyes and mouth and of course the spray to also come through the open kitchen window. The poor dog then vomitted in the house since he made his way in.

To say the least we now have a stinky dog and a stinky house. We moved out for a few days and set up the ozone generator. Ranger has had 7 baths with a peroxide, baking soda, dish soap combination (Derrick and I have both have also had to shower with that concotion as well). All my clothes and I do mean ALL, towels and other materials now need to be washed and every surface of the house has been sprinkled with baking soda and vinigar.

Did I mention that I am supposed to be packed and ready to leave at 5 am Friday morning for a long weekend on the Isle Au Haut (an island off the coast of ME)? Oh yeah and Hurrucane Earl is stopping by too... Through it all though I am still remembering my blessings, a little retail thearpy didn't hurt yesterday either :0)