A challenge

I admit by no means am I a perfect mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, runner and the list goes on.  I never try to be perfect, in fact I usually just try to be me.  The real me, not a me that I think people want to see and often times I fail at that.  I say things or dont say things based on what I judge others want me too.  Except with a certain few.  With a few I am totally me.  I say what I want, when I want and how I want.  And lately, lately I have surrounded myself ONLY with the people I feel comfortable being the true me around.  And actually, it has made me a less stressed, happier person in general. 

With all that being said, I often wonder why we can never show our "faults" to the world.  Go on Facebook, look at the status updates, 99% of them will be along the lines of; My whole house is cleaned, laundry done, organic groceries bought, kids ate only fruits and veggies because that's what was requested, I ran/worked out/yoga posed myself better than anyone else... And then the comments the comments of well how fast did you run? how far? I did it better by 10 seconds, my kids are bathed in bed and ate even healthier... and blah blah blah.  You see, I do this, I admit it.  When I run I post it, I am proud of myself, when my kids do something awesome I post it, I am proud of them too.  But here's the thing, here is what I try so hard not to do and I wish more people would do the same.  I *TRY* (it doesnt always work) try to not one up others in the comments I make, I also try to let others see when I "fail".

So my challenge to you, do I have any readers anymore?  Its been so long since I blogged I probably lost my audience or my lone reader, is post some things this week, or tell some people this week things that would look like "failures", that are not the glorified triumphant one uppers.  Let others know that, yes sometimes I have my shit together but sometimes I don't.

I will start here:

My baby does not sleep through the night, he is 8 months and does not sleep through the night.
I let me kids watch t.v. everyday.
There are meals when I do not even offer a veggie because really, its not worth the fight.
Baths do not happen every night, even when there are dirty feet and hands and faces we clean them up with a face cloth and off to bed they go.
I let my baby cry in the middle of the night if its before midnight and between midnight and 5 am.
I am a SLOW runner, I often set out for a certain distance and let myself quit.
I ate dinner, cookies (like 4 oreos and 2 homemade cookies), a bowl of ice cream AND a bag of popcorn tonight.
I do not visit my grandparents like I should.
I procrastinate with the best of them.
I curse.
.....ok I think thats all I should post tonight, but you all get my meaning.  Life is not perfect, you are not perfect, get off your high horse and own up to it and stop trying to make others feel bad with your one uppity-ness....

Oh but I *DID* manage to get all my laundry washed, dried and put away.  My hamper is EMPTY right now....woot woot!