Walking, talking, hair cuts OH MY!!!!

Ugh my baby is 13 months today. He's a walking, talking, climbing ball of monster trouble and he brings a huge grin to my face every day. His word list is expanding by the day. He now says; dad, mom, Ella, dog, cat, up, down, hi, no, balloon, more, nana and has said grandma once. His all time favorite activity is climbing in his chair looks at me and stands up. Says no, down and laughs. He knows all sorts of naughty things that will make mommy laugh as I redirect the little bugger. He has 4 teeth, two bottom and 2 top. The top two however are his eye teeth. Lol. I call him baby Edward.

The other day he weighed in at 19.2 pounds meaning he's only gained about a pound and a half in the last 7 months. So not quite the chunkeroo anymore.

His tool bench is his favorite toy playing or hours and hours with it. He likes music on during meals and just eats and dances. The giggles are never ending and he asks for naps around 9:30 and then again around 1:30. He's good a pointing, waving and blowing kisses and always thinks tooting is the most hilarious thing!

If all on those things weren't grown up enough today my little guy had his first hair cut. Grampy took him down to the shop at half time and gave around his ears a trim. Where did my baby go???!!!! Just yesterday I was feeling the tiny kicks to my ribs and dreaming of what would be. Never did I imagine a little boy as laid back, care free and fun as my little man. Not to mention handsome to boot! I am so very blessed.

I guess now is an ok time to mention. I want number 3 and would like to have it soon!!!! However, little guy is not so grown up that I can't enjoy the baby snuggles and fresh from the bath baby scent still. He will always be my baby boy!


Wow what a beginning to the new year. Our house has been extremely sick since we rang in 2013, and I'm just now thinking the end of the sickies is almost over. PHEW!!! It has been forever since I've slept that the few hours I did get last night makes me feel like I've spent the weekend relaxing at the spa... Ok well no but it the sleep did give me the energy to want to blog today. And since I'm sitting at the allergists for the next hour, with nothing to do as they inject me with minuscule amounts of venom (4 times), I figured hey why not write. After all I'm ALONE which is never the case an I'm usually trying to entertain two kids in a waiting room during this time. Ahhh so heavenly right?

Anyway, y'all are probably like why is the title Pinterest with all this blabbing about sickness and allergy shots, I'll get on with it then.

Pinterest the new Internet obsession. We live in the age of Facebook and Pinterest and I love it! While I have cut down on my Facebook time and essentially have narrowed down my friends list to only those is actually pick up the phone and talk to I have spent more time then ever on Pinterest. I have more time because I get my stuff done during the day and once the kids are in bed I have hours of me time due to Mr. Brown studying for his PE exam. Now, you can argue that Pinterest is another way for Moms to feel discouraged and lacking but I disagree. It gives my non crafty mind ideas for the kids, the house and my marriage. I have a board for just about everything. Kids, crafts, food, bucket list, inspiration, laughs, fitness and marriage. It's awesome to think oh let's do this today or try that recipe. Or the fact that I've used my motivational running sayings ice pinned to get me through just about everything. Because I have stuck with it I am 5 pounds away from goal, never thought I would ever get to say that!!!! Or see my weight in the 120s! I am now currently pinning organizational tips for me to stay on top of things as D switches to a compressed 10 hour a day schedule. I now have dinner to cook at the end of the day and I need all the help I can get in that area. My plan is to have an activity table set up in the kitchen so that the kids have fun and unique things to do as I muddle my way through recipes preparing wholesome clean foods for my family. And of course Pinterest is my go to for ideas on both fronts.

Now do not get me wrong. Some pins I know I'll never try but I like looking at them and some I've tried and well, uhhumm well I've failed miserably. (Today in fact with our melted bead sun catchers in fact) but some are fabulous and I love the challenge I conquered in checking that pin off my list! Here are some pics of projects done thanks to Pinterest!

guilt free

What do you do when you just don't know what to do?  Mister Mister has been pretty sick since Wednesday. Which was why when I dropped Princess Pie off at school this morning I actually felt absolutely no guilt at all when I grabbed a cup of tea and sat myself on the couch watching Say Yes to the Dress for, are you ready?! *GASP* 2, yes TWO, hours this morning.  The sink was full of dirty dishes, the laundry was piled up and waiting, floors were not vacuumed and toys were everywhere.  But I sat. I sat wrapped in a blanket with the dog by my side, sipping tea and analyzing dress choices. 

Holy heck am I glad I took that break this morning, because well lets face it hell broke out as soon as I picked Princess up.  Max who is my normally super chill and happy baby just wants to be held.  And he whimpers and holds his head for most parts of the last few days.  I have been giving him around the clock doses of meds to keep the high fever at bay and just pushing the liquids.  This I have been dealing with and quite well I may add since, I too am not feeling my best and I was still managing to do crafts and projects with Ella.  Well just because I had this balancing act of sick baby, sick mommy and crafty preschooler figured out of COURSE something else needed to be added into the mix.  Ella came home from school today and instead of stripping layers off and putting on her beloved ladybug costume she just started crying and moaning over and over how cold she was.  She put on a fleece jacket with the hood AND her fleece robe on top of her clothes and sat as close to the wood stove as possible just crying about how cold she was and how she needed her daddy.  Without even checking I knew that I now had two whiny kids with fevers. 

This all started around noon time, D gets home at 4:30.  I had over 4 hours of kids just crying and needed extra cuddles.  We did dinner and books and bath and after all this guess what?  I needed to run out to the store and grab pellets for the stove.  Yep, like today wasn't enough I dragged my sorry sweat pant covered ass to the Tractor Supply where I bought and hauled out bag after bag of pellets by myself all so my hubby could have get in his study time.  And when I got home, I heard well half these pellets are good.  You see there were two kinds and I bought exactly the same number of bags of each so I couldn't exactly mess up.  Well, what did I do?  I just smiled and said your welcome.  Left them in the car for him to unload and went in for a repeat of this morning.  I am now once again parked on the couch with tea in hand with SurviorMan playing in the background.  I am thinking I am punching out of the mommy and wife role tonight and just doing ABSOLUTELY nothing. No chores, nothing.  I am being a lazy ass for once and I will NOT feel guilty about it...

Although I will go answer that little voice calling me from her bedroom, after all one more Mommy hug would be nice :0)