Wow what a beginning to the new year. Our house has been extremely sick since we rang in 2013, and I'm just now thinking the end of the sickies is almost over. PHEW!!! It has been forever since I've slept that the few hours I did get last night makes me feel like I've spent the weekend relaxing at the spa... Ok well no but it the sleep did give me the energy to want to blog today. And since I'm sitting at the allergists for the next hour, with nothing to do as they inject me with minuscule amounts of venom (4 times), I figured hey why not write. After all I'm ALONE which is never the case an I'm usually trying to entertain two kids in a waiting room during this time. Ahhh so heavenly right?

Anyway, y'all are probably like why is the title Pinterest with all this blabbing about sickness and allergy shots, I'll get on with it then.

Pinterest the new Internet obsession. We live in the age of Facebook and Pinterest and I love it! While I have cut down on my Facebook time and essentially have narrowed down my friends list to only those is actually pick up the phone and talk to I have spent more time then ever on Pinterest. I have more time because I get my stuff done during the day and once the kids are in bed I have hours of me time due to Mr. Brown studying for his PE exam. Now, you can argue that Pinterest is another way for Moms to feel discouraged and lacking but I disagree. It gives my non crafty mind ideas for the kids, the house and my marriage. I have a board for just about everything. Kids, crafts, food, bucket list, inspiration, laughs, fitness and marriage. It's awesome to think oh let's do this today or try that recipe. Or the fact that I've used my motivational running sayings ice pinned to get me through just about everything. Because I have stuck with it I am 5 pounds away from goal, never thought I would ever get to say that!!!! Or see my weight in the 120s! I am now currently pinning organizational tips for me to stay on top of things as D switches to a compressed 10 hour a day schedule. I now have dinner to cook at the end of the day and I need all the help I can get in that area. My plan is to have an activity table set up in the kitchen so that the kids have fun and unique things to do as I muddle my way through recipes preparing wholesome clean foods for my family. And of course Pinterest is my go to for ideas on both fronts.

Now do not get me wrong. Some pins I know I'll never try but I like looking at them and some I've tried and well, uhhumm well I've failed miserably. (Today in fact with our melted bead sun catchers in fact) but some are fabulous and I love the challenge I conquered in checking that pin off my list! Here are some pics of projects done thanks to Pinterest!

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