Walking, talking, hair cuts OH MY!!!!

Ugh my baby is 13 months today. He's a walking, talking, climbing ball of monster trouble and he brings a huge grin to my face every day. His word list is expanding by the day. He now says; dad, mom, Ella, dog, cat, up, down, hi, no, balloon, more, nana and has said grandma once. His all time favorite activity is climbing in his chair looks at me and stands up. Says no, down and laughs. He knows all sorts of naughty things that will make mommy laugh as I redirect the little bugger. He has 4 teeth, two bottom and 2 top. The top two however are his eye teeth. Lol. I call him baby Edward.

The other day he weighed in at 19.2 pounds meaning he's only gained about a pound and a half in the last 7 months. So not quite the chunkeroo anymore.

His tool bench is his favorite toy playing or hours and hours with it. He likes music on during meals and just eats and dances. The giggles are never ending and he asks for naps around 9:30 and then again around 1:30. He's good a pointing, waving and blowing kisses and always thinks tooting is the most hilarious thing!

If all on those things weren't grown up enough today my little guy had his first hair cut. Grampy took him down to the shop at half time and gave around his ears a trim. Where did my baby go???!!!! Just yesterday I was feeling the tiny kicks to my ribs and dreaming of what would be. Never did I imagine a little boy as laid back, care free and fun as my little man. Not to mention handsome to boot! I am so very blessed.

I guess now is an ok time to mention. I want number 3 and would like to have it soon!!!! However, little guy is not so grown up that I can't enjoy the baby snuggles and fresh from the bath baby scent still. He will always be my baby boy!

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