Tis the Season

What a day...

It sure has been quite the day and it's only 1:22. I slept for nothing last night, and Ella wanted to get up at 5:30 this morning BLAH! Found out that some of this weekends photo shoot was lost. The card didn't hold the pictures. (although there is a glimmer of hope it can be recovered and it is not Morgan's fault. I just wont have the tutu and cowboy boot pictures...) Then I tore the house apart trying to find my birth certificate...yes I need to be more organized I know this now. Only to just mess the house and not find it. I drive to Sanford after stopping at the post office, bank, and school district office with an almost asleep little girl. With all my might I kept her awake while I waited for a new official copy of my birth certificate and through the unbelievable long wait at the DMV (yes my license was expired, which means I had been driving around with a bad license and uninspected and unregistered car. All is fixed now) I come home to find the dog had gotten in the trash and the cleaning fairy hadn't miracoulsy cleaned my house while I was gone... Now, now it is silient Ella is sleeping and I am going to curl up with some lunch and a cup of tea and await some sneak peaks of the photos that survived... It can only get better right?

Snap shots and Holiday cards

So I am super excited for this coming Saturday! Morgan is coming up to Maine and has agreed to do a mini photo shoot. I am super super excited and just KNOW that I will get the holiday card shot. Unfortunately Derrick wont be able to make it since he has other plans, that I am NOT happy about but what can I do? So it looks like our card this year may just be Ella, but she is so stinkin cute that no one will even notice the absence of her parents. OK so after the shoot I need to make the cards right? Well this year it will be SUPER easy because I am using Shutterfly! I have used Shutterfly in the past to make some prints and father's day gifts. The site is so user friendly and the products are great quality! What makes it even extra fantastic is that I get to have 50 FREE photo cards through Shutterfly. Want to find out how you can as well? Bloggers click here to get the details on how you can get 50 free cards!!!

I think that I am going to use the Holiday Love Sketch card or the Oh What Fun card. Shutterfly is such a great site for holiday shopping that I may decide to use the photos from the photo shoot to make some gifts for the grandparents as well...hmmm there is SO much to choose from but I think the Canvas Wall Art would make a perfect grandparent gift! A custom mug perfect for an Auntie or Uncle. And of course I will need to make a memory for myself too. Which the new ceramic ornament would work! Easy Peasy and I can't wait to sit down with a mug of hot chocolate (with a splash of pepermint schnops), the fire on and Christmas tunes to write out the cards and send them out! Happy Holidays!

pure bliss

I didn't have to have Calgon take me away after all. Turns out that my hubby is also good for a getaway every now and again. Or I should say for the first time ever Derrick surprised me with a night away! On Sunday he announced that he was taking me to Stonehurst Manor in North Conway, NH. It was an estate built in the 1700's and is goregous!

He took some time off from work Wednesday and after we dropped the potty training diva off with my mom we hit the road. We arrived to a view of stone arches and Mt. Washington covered in snow. We checked in and immediately felt welcome in the cozy lobby with a roaring fire and dark wood accents. He splurged and got the deluxe suit which boasts a jacuzzi AND a fireplace, what more could a girl ask for. We made dinner reservations in their dinning room for 7:15 and headed up to unpack. Arriving at 3 pm gave us four hours before dinner was sereved and the itinerary was left up to me. There was even a suggestion of (GASP) we can go shopping? I looked at my husband in complete shock, since those words have NEVER left his lips before. But shopping is not what I chose. I chose nothing, I mean NOTHING! I chose to curl up in front of the fire and just do NOTHING. I didn't have to put someone on the potty every 15 minutes or be overly enthusiastic about seeing pee in the potty. I didn't have a dog whining to go out, or laundry to do. I just sat and relaxed. I even decided to hot tub it with a glass or two or three of champagne and JUST be! At 6:30 we went down to the library room for cocktails and conversation. We just talked the two of us mostly about our adorable little girl we were both missing like crazy but talk like two grown-ups with no inturuptions.

Then it was dinner time and I have to say that I ate the BEST meal OF. MY. LIFE! We started out with the Lobster Beggar's Purse, and it was to die for. Seriously it was so so so so good, that I can't even do it justice. That was followed by soup, again delicious and my entree of stuffed shrimp and rosotto cakes ended the night as I was too full to even attempt dessert! The whole time it was nice to sit just the two of us and talk about dreams and goals and life and philosophies... We found that dinner without a 23 month old could last for 2 hours without you even realizing how much time had passed.

This morning after a nice 2.5 mile run through the mountain scenery we entered the dinning room yet again where breakfast was just as delicious as the dinner was. We literally soaked up every second of adult conversation and quiet and of course cable TV (since we don't have that at home!). We checked out at the last possible minute and headed to get some shopping in before the drive home.

I seriously had the most wonderful little getaway. I loved every second of it, I can say it was probably the best birthday gift my husband has ever given me. Although I do have to say that as much as I loved dressing up and enjoying all the beauty and relaxation of the Inn I enjoy just as much the night that was waiting for me at home. The potty dance and phone calls when Ella went on the potty by herself (getting out of the tub to do so!) The Annie's mac and cheese and veggie nuggets enjoyed picnic style in our sweat pants in front of the fire in the living room and the conversation of what is silly that I had with my baby girl :0)

Thank you Derrick for being such an amazing guy. I love you Cowboy!!!!!!

LOVE and potty training

Taking a break from campaign potty train to let you all know that The Vintage Pearl is having yet another giveaway!!! Check it out the new chunky love is beautiful :0)

In other news after the Wiggles on Friday I told Ella that there were no more diapers (well because there was not!) and that mommy didn't have money to buy anymore. Well Little Miss Stubborn Pants who knows how to use the potty and in fact was using it pretty well around a year old bought it! And after a chorus of "oh no, oh nuts oh dear bread and beer. No more money no diapers!" She has been wearing just her pants or big girl underpants and is doing GREAT! We stay home and have pj dance parties, craft time and books so we can sit on the potty every 20 minutes but we are having fun!!!!

Ok back to some play dough playing and potty sitting :0)


The rain is coming down, the temperature has dropped along with the last of the leaves and my little girl is napping. I just finished up making some strawberry cake balls and oreo truffles for a wine and chocolate lovers Lia Sophia party later tonight at Heather's house and I have some time for myself. I made a cup of tea and curled up near the fire with computer at hand. I love just sitting her in the warmth with the smells of chicken roasting and the sounds of the rain coming down. Mostly however, my favorite thing is just across the room. Curled up sound asleep on her "couch bed". She played hard this morning and did a fantastic job sharing and just wore herself out. Normally she naps upstairs in her bed (which by the way is now a big girl bed that she took to like a fish in water. One day she asked for it, I hauled it upstairs and she just climbs in and goes to sleep. And yes I did cry like a baby myself the first night we put her in it for the night. She looked so tiny and small and precious and the crib was my last baby thing. She really is a big girl now and I love that but I do miss my baby. Somedays she pretends she still is my baby and I LOVE it!!! OK wow tangent!). Usually she naps upstairs in her bed but today I put her there and she just said couch bed please mommy with her little adorable kissable lip all stuck out in a pout (thats her new thing when she is sad) so I wrapped her up and layed her on the couch and she is sleeping there. Which is fine by me because I get to sit here and drink my tea and just watch her sleep. My little love all warm and content on the couch.

Tomorrow we get to meet Jenn and Mia in Boston for The Wiggles, which Ella has made me sing "Fruit Salad" to her ALL DAY! I am pretty excited and I think she is too. She keeps saying "we're takin the bus not the train to see the Wiggles!" But as for now I just want to stop time for a little bit to just watch my baby and soak in the quiet...

Live Laugh Blog

(Live Laugh Blog by the way was a name I came up with for my friend Kellee's blog, but she used Sunshine Wishes and FOrehead Kisses instead. I like the phrase so I may just change my name or keep it as my exit line :0) In anyway Live Laugh Blog just fits for today!)