Say WHAT?!!?

So again it's been awhile and forever since I've blogged. It's been summer time so the amount of down time I have had is none existent. Now that's summers over it should slow down. Well in theory yes, but my first free weekend since May is in November and it's my only free weekend through to the new year. I do have plans now to be a better blogger so ummm i say that but we will see...

So what's up on P street? My Friend Running has been sticking around an not letting me down. In fact I'm up to going 10 miles at a time. What has this lasting friendship done? Oh just made me reach a ONE HUNDRED AND ONE pound weight loss mark. I mean it's hard to believe but I used to weigh 101 pounds more than I do now. I have been flabbergasted with the results. I mean I'm almost 30 with TWO kids and I am smaller now then I have ever been in my life. It's pretty cool actually :0).

My friend E is also down at least 100 pounds and together as FFU (Former Fatties Unite) we are pushing our fabulous looking new selves to new things. We both ran mud runs of sorts this passed weekend and have been putting some miles down on the pavement. One thing E has done though is an awesome, amazing, freakin fantastic photo shoot with her new self. The photos came out awesome and I'm pretty sure her hubby thinks so too. When she first dd her shoot I was impressed and inspired but being the shy quiet type would never considered doing one myself. Now? It may be because I'm turning 30 or that after two kids my body is more comfortable to be or heck it's probably the confidence of losing over a hundred pounds I'm considering it. When will I ever have another chance? My twenties are running out, so should I embrace it and celebrate my accomplishments? Hmmm I just may. Although no one but me and photog would ever know that I risked being so daring. I kind of like this new, running, more confident me. I will take on my dreams and accomplish them!