Girls Night!!!

There really is nothing better than always having your favorite go to girl, love the things you love. Even if she's only four. Tonight was awesome. Way better than a big girls night out with drinks (wellllll occasionally big girl nights are better, who am I kidding a good drink is needed every now and then!).

Princess Pie and I headed out to support End 68 Hours of Hunger, the nonprofit that we volunteer for, by catching a dance studio. It was perfect. A former dancer, who after 15 years of dancing and almost as long being off stage, WHAT really I'm that old?! And my little current ballet obsessed mini me found our seats and waited for the curtain to go up. I figured since we both love dance, love supporting good causes and it would be the exact stage that the Princess herself would be on in just a few short months that tonight would benefit us in more than one way. And I wasn't disappointed. The show was fantastic!

And as if the huge smiles and constant mom mom did you see that one, wasn't that a great show. What was your favorite comments weren't enough I also had the bonus of having a parenting choice validated. I used to dance and lets just day my studio wasn't too notch and the reason I have been off stage for 12 years is due to a dance related injury cause from poor instruction. Because of that I was wishy washy and nervous on where I would enroll my little. Seven dance studios were represented tonight. It was all their older dancers performing and I was very very pleased with how Pies current dance studio stacked up against the rest. Brixham knows its stuff and looked the part out there. While my first ever dance studio was in attendance as well and well the difference was clearly noted.

So recap: girls night with my best girl EVER!, helping a good cause, sharing a passion we both have AND validation. As Repunzel would say, BEST. DAY. EVER!!!!!

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