10, 9, 8, 7, 6....

It is almost time for the countdown! Wow what a year it has been.  Weight has been lost, miles have been run, challenges and obstacles have been overcome.  A baby has grown into a one year old and a little girl left the preschool stage.  Jobs have come and gone and goals have been met and exceeded.

Just tonight I watched as my baby girl fearlessly laced up the hockey skates and stepped out onto the ice for the first time alone.  The chair she held was soon pushed aside and I witnessed her fly solo across the ice.  The ride home from the family fun of skating, sledding, bonfires and fireworks was full of excited chatter from the back retelling us over and over how much she loved skating. Max was amazed with the fireworks and was secretly walking when no one was looking and squealing with delight as he was pulled across the ice in the sled.

I am so lucky.  Tonight is the 13th year D and I will ring in the year with a kiss and I am very much looking forward to locking lips with the love of my life and welcoming the beginning of 2013.  What will it bring us I am not sure, although perhaps a third little bundle may be on my wish list :0).

I wish that all wishes are granted, laughs come easy and friends are always near to everyone.  If 2012 had any indication I am in for an absolutely fantastic year to come.  My little family is going to just bloom even more and I know that we are going to have one fun year!!!

Happy New Year!!!!!

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